Our Services

Geophysical Surveys

We believe geophysical techniques to be the perfect complement to site investigation and geotechnical testing and we have extensive experience in applying state-of-the-art non-invasive ground characterization techniques to all areas of geotechnical, civil engineering, mineral and gem and ground water industries.

Our Area of Expertise

Site Investigation

Assist in determining depth of bedrock and water table
Locating fault and fracture zones
Measuring thickness of Soil, Rock and Fill layering

Environmental Science

Locating buried tanks and waste drums
Identifying & mapping ancient landfill sites
Sourcing leachate and contaminant plumes

Water Engineering

Lake bottom profiling
Assessing defects in barrages, locks, dams and weirs
Measuring thickness of underwater foundations

Mineral And Gem Exploration

Profiling bedrock depth and topography
Defining Alluvial Channels and Palaeo Channels
Locating Veins and other mineralized structures

Groundwater Exploration

Detection of aquifer

We conduct the following geophysical surveys: -

  • Seismic refraction surveys
  • Seismic reflection surveys
  • Electrical resistivity surveys