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GeoTechnical Investigation

Geotechnical investigations are typically required to determine the nature of the ground conditions and aid with the design of foundations, drainage systems and / or outline design. The scale of developments that may require a geotechnical investigation can range from domestic extensions to large scale commercial premises, on brownfield or greenfield land. Such investigations are designed to assess both the environmental and geotechnical ground conditions within one combined investigation providing a more efficient and cost effective approach. Our geo-environmental investigations enable the early identification of potential constraints posed by the condition of the ground, and if required, an indication of engineering solutions.

code of ethics

We endeavour to complete geotechnical investigations within specification, on-time & within budget irrespective of difficulties during the process.

We appreciate the importance of local community consultancy & support.

Geotechnical investigations are carried out in a sustainable, responsible manner.

Geomechanics staff are trained to perform geotechnical investigations safely & efficiently.

We abide by the laws, rules, or processes in which our business operates with integrity at the core of every undertaking.

Our specialized geotechnical services include:

  • Borehole boring
  • General drilling and coring
  • Field Testing
  • Geotechnical consultancy
  • Foundation Solutions and Quarry site investigations.
  • In-situ borehole drilling and testing, including SPT’s, Lugeon testing, Vane shear testing, Permeability testing, Piezometer installations, pressure meter testing.
  • Dam Safety Monitoring, Gold Assay and De-watering in failure zones.
  • Penetrometer (DPSH) services.
  • Plate load testing.


  • Construction

    The importance of assessing the engineering properties of a site before embarking on any constructions work cannot be over-emphasized. Since the properties of soil, bedrock and distribution of geological structures in an area determine the overall engineering properties, geotechnical investigations are required to gain understanding of the suitability of any property for a proposed construction. work.Depending on the type of construction project, Rockridge Engineering team possesses the technical knowhow to design assessment program specific for the varying civil requirements of projects and structure. Our engineers and geologists work with scientists to professionally collect samples, perform insitu tests in the field and interpret geological and geotechnical data for foundation designs and requirements.

  • Water

    Water resources are very important because demands on groundwater are increasing. Levels and quality are affected by development, abstraction, drainage and contamination Geotechnical investigations are important, to adequately investigate groundwater regimes with respect to distribution, movement and quality so that risks can be assessed and appropriate design or remedial actions taken. We routinely carry out such assessments for a wide range of clients including site owners, developers, regulators, and other consultants.

  • Mining

    we believe that an efficient and effective geotechnical study is an integral component of any proposed mine or mining project. The geotechnical investigation program should include an understanding of the lithological, structural, alteration and hydrogeological aspects, enabling the rock mass to be characterized into relevant geotechnical domains. Representative geotechnical design parameters for the mine design can then be allocated to each of these domains.