Rockridge Engineering

company profile

Rockridge Engineering is a dynamic Geotechnical engineering firm offering a vast array of solutions to the Construction and Engineering Sector. We strive to provide robust solutions to our clients within time and economy. We has a dedicated team of experienced personnel; fleets of equipment; and a wide network base with associated firms, capable of meeting the requirements of any assignment. The company possesses a team of experienced and professional staff comprising of project managers, drillers, grout masters, equipment operators, surveyors, geologists, engineering geologists, civil engineers, and administrators among others.

We are proud of the depth and innovative mindset of our engineering team. Working with our clients, we have been successful at developing bespoke solutions to address a number of contemporary technical challenges and we continue to engage with our customers and tailor our services for their specific project requirements — from scheduling to local content.

our mission

To be the most sought-after provider of innovative geoscience services and technologies in the world while operating in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

our vision

We will work to ensure that all of our services are provided as efficiently and safely as possible, while never sacrificing on quality.

We will build partnerships around the world to add value and ease to our client surveys, whereever their projects may be.

We will continue to work with local communities to have minimal environmental impact.

Why US

  • Knowledge of local market conditions, contractor performance and availability.
  • Cost effective use of appropriate and available materials and resources.
  • Knowledge of environmental legislation, local by-laws, health, traffic, town planning and other regulations.
  • Relationships with government institutions and knowledge of their specific requirements.
  • Services tailored to local conditions.
  • Transfer of skills and optimum use of available local skills.
  • Instant, convenient, continuous presence, always available for consultation and problem solving
  • Long term commitment to projects through procurement, commissioning, defects liability period.

Our core values


Always learning

We strive to learn and push to improve. We always try new things, and try new approaches to old thing

Latest Technology

We aim to provide new solutions to our clients that foster innovation, creativity and productivity. We produce and provide solutions that clients will need.

Safety & Quality

We guarantee quality; quality in our work and in our service.Safety is our Pride.

Care for Environment

We work as highly skilled, caring professionals, to maintain an environment for our colleagues and clients, which provides a safe, welcoming, sustainable place to live and work.